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Letters to Stories: Inside “Fairy Tale”

“Fairy Tale” was written when I felt so many different emotions at once when I couldn’t sleep one night, and very recently, and I couldn’t really tell why I was feeling what I was feeling, but just what I was feeling. The title of this poem was actually inspired by a Japanese Pop song from the now disbanded vocal group Kalafina, and their song “Fairytale. ” This poem doesn’t go into any specifics, and for that, it really represents what a “fairy tale” is.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Fly Free”

This poem more than anything is a response to my entire life. Everything that I’ve ever been through, everything that people have put me through, this poem was one angsty but an attempt at an “empowerment” response. When I was eight, I moved to a new town, and for all of my grade school life I was constantly bullied. And that also meant…

Letters to Stories: Behind “Escape”

Am I still original if most of my poems are inspired by songs I’ve heard? I certainly hope so. Worry not readers, this time, this poem, “Escape” was not inspired by a Gabbie Hanna single. Actually, it was inspired by the music producer who produced her first ever single — Out Loud — Bruce Weigner. Weigner is not just a music producer, but a song-writer and a singer as well. One of his debut solo singles, “I Don’t Know (IDK)” actually inspired this poem.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Encore”

Encore was an interesting poem to write. First, the title sprung up because I was on another one of my “listen to Gabbie Hanna 24/7” kicks and I found myself listening to Honestly (Encore) over and over again. Then, my mind honed in on the word “Encore,” and I was tossing around ideas because I thought it would be fun to write a poem called “Encore.”