Letters to Stories: Behind “Reconstruct”

Reconstruct actually has quite a bit of history to it. First of all, the title was inspired by a lyric from Gabbie Hanna’s Honestly (Encore). The lyric goes “Broke the cycle, need to reconstruct,” and after that lyric, my mind lingered on “Reconstruct” and I wanted to create an entire poem out of it.

What happened next was…

Letters to Stories: Inside “Destined Identity”

This poem, like my Triggered poem, takes another look at my childhood and life story so far. The entire poem reflects my life from the time I discovered how truly different I am from the rest of my family. From that point, little me looks back and sees from then how he was raised, and me now looks back on that and sees how I’ve been raised up to the present moment.

As the poem goes further…

Current Events: the state of Sudan

It has been some time since Sudan was last covered, and to be honest, still a severely underwhelming amount of public outcry and mainstream media coverage about it. Just because there is “no news” per se, it doesn’t speak on the current state of the nation. This time, there is more news, all from an exclusive interview from…

Halo Beauty: Kiwi Seed Booster – Does it boost all skin types?

A few months later, Halo Beauty came out with a skin exclusive vitamin for those who only wanted to focus on improving the quality of their skin, known as the Kiwi Seed Booster. Along with all the ingredients from the original HSN supplements geared towards skin, they added a few more ingredients for this exclusive skin supplement to really ensure amazing results. After seeing many progress photos of those on Kiwi after a month (or two), I decided to try it for myself.


June 24, 2019: “Hi Simon…

Artist Spotlight: Aryah Asla

I attract the “underdog energy” so to speak. In short, I am starting a series of articles where I do an “Artist Spotlight” on people who are just amazing at what they do but they haven’t had that national or even international spotlight that they deserve, and in this article, I bring to you, Aryah Asla.