Letters to Stories: Behind “Invisible” and “Re: Invisible”

What are my poems if they weren’t inspired by a tragedy in my life? These two poems I’ll be writing about, I decided to put them in one article because they both actually go hand in hand. Invisible and Re: Invisible I originally wrote as one long poem in my notes, and for quite some time I made it stay as one poem. As I kept looking at my account, I decided that a poem should not be that long and I should split it into two, which was very convenient because this poem was about two different people anyway.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Fly Free”

This poem more than anything is a response to my entire life. Everything that I’ve ever been through, everything that people have put me through, this poem was one angsty but an attempt at an “empowerment” response. When I was eight, I moved to a new town, and for all of my grade school life I was constantly bullied. And that also meant…

Letters to Stories: Behind “Lost With(out) You”

Let’s just say, this summer, when I opened myself up to trying to write poetry, it made me dig deeper into my emotions than I realized. I revisited all the pain that came from all these traumas. That sent me into a downward spiral in terms of my mental state. It made me realize just how much my past is so connected to my present.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Summer Ghost”

Have you ever been friends with someone where you haven’t been friends very long, but you feel like you’ve known them forever even though you met them like six months ago? That type of connection that is so rare, but so deep, and it all happens so fast. Now, have you ever had a friendship like that, and all of a sudden they just drop off the face of the earth, no contact, just complete radio silence? Have you ever had that type of friendship and then all of a sudden they just stop talking to you?

Letters to Stories: Inside “Wish”

Has anyone ever asked you, or have you ever taken one of those Buzzfeed personality type quizzes where the questions were “Do you have any regrets,” and “If you had the power to go back in time, would you change anything?”