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Letters to Stories: Inside “Fairy Tale”

“Fairy Tale” was written when I felt so many different emotions at once when I couldn’t sleep one night, and very recently, and I couldn’t really tell why I was feeling what I was feeling, but just what I was feeling. The title of this poem was actually inspired by a Japanese Pop song from the now disbanded vocal group Kalafina, and their song “Fairytale. ” This poem doesn’t go into any specifics, and for that, it really represents what a “fairy tale” is.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Trigger”

This poem, when it was first created, was all sorts of misdirection. The title and the cover art was a complete parallel to my very first poem ever “Triggered: Skip it or Pull it”. And I was going to make an interesting part two to that poem. However, the word “trigger” gained a whole new meaning when I typed it out in my phone notes.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Distance”

More than anything, I feel like this poem was entirely inspired by my life rather than the songs I listen to. For that reason, I feel more of an attachment to this poem than my other ones. I wrote this poem after all the times people and I myself have heard “I think we need to take a break/take some space and time away from each other” or some other variation of that phrase. There’s something always so luring about isolation. It carries power, it carries mystery, but it also carries clarity.

Letters to Stories: Behind “Blooming”

After a series of dark poems and an attempt at a poem of empowerment, here is another poem that’s another attempt to be the empowerment through dark hardships. I wanted this poem to not just dig into everything in my past and everything I am labeled to be because of my past actions, but also to show what grows because of everything thrown at me. Blooming is about…

Letters to Stories: Behind “Tragedy”

This poem has to be one of my deepest and darkest ones yet, next to Mirror I feel like. I always throw around how I feel like my life’s a tragedy. I always try to say it as a joke, but even I know deep down that I do really feel that way about my life. While this poem was posted in the beginning of October, I wrote this back in July, and I was actually at work when I wrote this on a whim.