Letters to Stories: Inside “Wish”

By Simon Heywood

This poem, was quite different in terms of its inspirations. I was inspired by a song, but not the usual ones you’ve heard about. The title sprung about from Into the Woods song “I Wish.” Often, when we’re young, we wish to be like the superheroes we watch or read about, we wish to go on a grand adventure, or we wish for just about anything that brings us joy. I took that concept, and poured my pain and past into it.

Has anyone ever asked you, or have you ever taken one of those Buzzfeed personality type quizzes where the questions were “Do you have any regrets,” and “If you had the power to go back in time, would you change anything?” This poem takes these questions as its central theme. Especially since (playing off the last article for the poem Mirror) all I see in and for my life is only darkness, I’m constantly wishing for something. Either to get out or to undo what put me there.

This poem takes a different turn in which I don’t talk about family, but I talk about friendships or general, non-biological relationships that go south because of something I’ve done. Deep inside, I feel so much regret and I wish more than anything to change it. However, I know that if it weren’t for how things played out, I wouldn’t be where I am today, wallowing in pain and regret but also with some new light I’m still trying to accept that is in my life.

As much as I feel the regret and weight of my past, I always toss up the question whether I’d wish it all away or not. I haven’t given myself an answer because there are days that I get to the point of really wanting to wish it away, and there are days where I push that thought and desire away. Sometime I wish for everything to be undone, and other times I wish for things to have just occurred differently. However, one thing to always note though, is that whether you believe in a higher, divine, or cosmic being or not, sometimes wishes do come true. At the end of the day, whatever our wishes are, we should always be careful of what we wish for.

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