Halo Beauty: His Body and Brain Booster: What did it do?

By Simon Heywood

The “His Body and Brain Booster” came with a gunmetal colored cap, which I tried to recreate the color and fonts of for an image since I forgot to take my own picture of the bottle in full that I previously owned.

I hear people are usually skeptical of supplements that claim to enhance the quality of one’s body and brain. People are especially skeptical when it comes to brain boosting supplements. How does it help the brain? What’s inside? What, if any, are the side effects? These suspicions did not let up with the release of Halo Beauty’s new product, the Body and Brain Booster.

The Halo Beauty Body and Brain Booster was made with two versions, one labeled “His” and one labeled “Hers.” The reason for the distinction lies in the vitamins and ingredients that both biological males and females need different amounts of. There is a certain ingredient only found in the Hers version that will not be found in the His version, and vice versa, because biologically, female sexes need that specific vitamin and male sexes do not and vice versa. Being so that I identify with my biological sex, male, I ordered the His version in conjunction with my second bottle of Halo Kiwi.

With the multivitamin body and brain booster, I just wanted to see what it would do for me in general. I believe I heard Beauty Influencer Tati Westbrook say that these supplements have an ingredient that can restore this thing in the eye that gets lost over time, and therefore can help increase vision gradually. It also claimed to give mood boosts to give more energy to get through the day. Along with just seeing what it would do to me, I wanted to test those specific claims.

On the first day of taking the supplements, mind you for the entire month I took both Kiwi and His literally at the same time, I felt a very subtle energy boost. Personally, I liked the subtle boost, because it wasn’t too much like caffeine would give me to the point of jitters and spiked anxiety. I felt, perhaps 2% more elated. The first day I tried it was one of my work days, so it was a perfect time to test if I would at any point crash on my desk. However, I did make one, fatal mistake on the first day. I also, regrettably, had my usual Venti Matcha Green Tea Latte from Starbucks, which gave me too much energy. Over the course of one month, I guess I can say, outstandingly, there were no drastic changes. But, I noticed my mind became just the tiniest bit more stable. It went from having the usual million things going on at once to maybe 100,000 things going on at once. With every take of the supplement, I became calmer, gentler, and more elated. It was a calm joy. I was able to think 0.01% clearer (and yes, that doesn’t sound that drastic, but it felt that way to me).

I guess, in a way, these supplements have been very subtly protecting my eyes because of all the time within the past five months and now, spending my time behind a screen, and sometimes having a screen close up to my face, I would have expected my eyesight to skip out on me, but surprisingly, it hasn’t gotten worse.

All in all, there weren’t any drastic and clear changes that could be concretely measured. I have that feeling that with increased use, I would start to see, observe, and feel more changes, but for now, there’s nothing negative that can be reported on for the supplements, no negative side effects. If you want a subtle boost in energy, I do suggest these because the energy boost that these supplements give feels healthy. Not too much energy was felt with them, and there wasn’t so little where you would be super super groggy if you’re not the morning person. So, if you are looking for subtle changes in terms of body and brain, I do recommend these supplements.

Both the His and Her Body and Brain Booster individually retail for $24.95. Just a quick reminder, all of the supplements released by Halo Beauty are cruelty free, soy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan, and contain no preservatives. Halo Beauty inspired me to start my own journey in health and wellness, and while that journey has just begun and is beyond difficult, I don’t intend on stopping any time soon.

You can visit and shop Halo Beauty here. They have an Instagram and Twitter for everyone to interact with them more, and if you have any questions about their products, you can email them at

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