Letters to Stories: Behind “Reconstruct”

By Simon Heywood

Reconstruct actually has quite a bit of history to it. First of all, the title was inspired by a lyric from Gabbie Hanna’s Honestly (Encore). The lyric goes “Broke the cycle, need to reconstruct,” and after that lyric, my mind lingered on “Reconstruct” and I wanted to create an entire poem out of it.

What happened next was a lot of circling back to square one. Originally, Reconstruct was supposed to be released on my first “trial” blog, The Hummingbird, and was actually supposed to be my first shot at songwriting. Up until Gabbie’s Monster / Monster (Reborn) was released, I kept Honestly / Honestly (Encore) on a loop because those songs were just so amazing to me and they kept inspiration at a steady level for me.

However, things don’t always go according to plan, and for months on end I just couldn’t find the right words and phrases for this poem. Random poetic words and phrases popped into my head, which prompted me to make a note on my phone of all those words in a section called “Lines and keywords for poems (possibly for Reconstruct),” and it turns out none of those words in that page were used in the final draft of Reconstruct.

The premise of Reconstruct was to show how when you lose an old love, there’s always new ones that can maybe even take its place. Sometimes, we outgrow old love to the point we have to lay it to rest, and while we may be stuck in our own loop of feeling lonely, the world is still in front of us, and all we have to do is take a step.

Reconstruct actually ended up being a sequel to Broken Love because of how they really complemented each other in theme. Broken Love is about having to let someone go because trying to love them broke everyone involved in the relationship, whether that’s “love” shared between family, friends, intimate partners, etc. With Reconstruct, it’s about finding new love that can help take our broken pieces and build something better and stronger.

However, with each story, there always has to be that turning point where things aren’t all sunshine and rainbows. That’s what the middle of Reconstruct is. It’s about this one person who held on to so much weight from their past and as it reopened their wounds, they started pushing their newfound love away. However, life is about making sure we don’t make the same mistakes twice, and with this, this person realizes that they shouldn’t push away this new and better love and instead uses it to remember how it all began and remember how much positivity was brought into their life. Once this person could keep those memories at the forefront of their mind, their old memories, ones of pain and superficial love , started to fade into the background.

With this poem, I ended up getting inspired to write this again around the beginning of Summer. I wanted to write a more light-hearted poem, seeing as the majority of my poems are dark. I wrote one light-hearted poem way before this, which can only be found in my future autobiography, but it didn’t turn out as brilliant as I wanted it to be. This poem is almost like the typical love song, along with a lot of plant and nature imagery because I wanted to really incorporate my theme into a poem. It was around this time I found so much symbolism in the English Ivy plant, and while I did not create a poem based around that it gave me another way to think about how Reconstruct should be written and what it should be about.

Reconstruct is out now on my Instagram. I try to post poems every Sunday there!

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