Halo Beauty: Kiwi Seed Booster – Does it boost all skin types?

By Simon Heywood

Halo Kiwi Seed Booster. Photo courtesy of Halo Beauty on Instagram (hyperlinked here).

Having a healthy, glowing, smooth, and all around flawless looking skin has been something that evades everyone of almost all ages, starting from the time a child becomes an adolescent and hormones make themselves known to us. Unless we basically grew up with a rigid skin care routine (which is something that I myself am still working on implementing), then we will have the breakouts, the dry and/or oily faces, and the awkward, dramatic methods of trying to keep our skin in check while not really thinking about the whole skin care routine part (because why constantly invest in skin care products besides the basic lotion?). Well, with the advent of such attentive care for basically vanity purposes, a lot of shelves of your basic grocery or drugstore has been stocked with different vitamins and supplements. However, one that stood out to me is not one sold in stores, but an independently created brand by social media/beauty influencer, Tati Westbrook, originally known as Glam Life Guru on the internet back during the kickoff of YouTube.

Her brand is beautifully named Halo Beauty. They take pride in making sure that all the ingredients in their current and future products are sourced from the best, are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, and seems actually healthy due to the amount of attention and care Tati and her Halo team give to making sure how each supplement is created, not just ingredient wise, but down to following FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standards. Her original product, Halo Beauty HSN (Hair, Skin, and Nails) were almost like your typical HSN vitamins, but with some additional ingredients for a better kick. Along with the usual ingredients, there was a particular ingredient that, with the research they’ve done so far, has shown to be a grey-fighting enzyme to help boost the strength of hair and prevent hair from losing its pigment. This product was launched upon the company’s own launch.

A few months later, Halo Beauty came out with a skin exclusive vitamin for those who only wanted to focus on improving the quality of their skin, known as the Kiwi Seed Booster. Along with all the ingredients from the original HSN supplements geared towards skin, they added a few more ingredients for this exclusive skin supplement to really ensure amazing results. After seeing many progress photos of those on Kiwi after a month (or two), I decided to try it for myself.


June 24, 2019: “Hi Simon, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped.” In order to start my month trial, I figured, what and when better to start than on the first of July to really keep track of the month? So I placed the order, really only expecting to receive it basically the day before I would start.

June 25, 2019: “Your order is on the way.” I thought I Amazon Primed something. I did not think they would process and ship my order so quickly.

On June 29, I opened my mailbox to find my Halo package. Their delivery speed was impressive, and what’s more, before then, I had a couple public and private interactions with them on social media and they were just so warm and welcoming. Amazing customer service and delivery speed? Those are two bonus points to add to the brand itself. With the positive experience I’ve had so far, I gently opened the box, put that to the side because I’m sentimental and want to keep all the firsts, and just stared lovingly at the supplements (they are green after all, which is very on brand for me).

The night of June 30 I decided to open the bottle. To be honest, the Kiwi Seed Booster has a very funky scent. When I gave it to a family member to observe, and later on a close friend, they both commented that “it smells.. organic.” Honestly, there isn’t any other way to describe the smell so accurately. It definitely smells organic, because to my knowledge, it is organic. The scent of the supplements carried over to its taste, which prompted me to hold my breath every time I took one. However, taste was not my focus, rather to see if the supplements actually worked for me.

(Update, on August 1 as I am revising this before it goes public, I found that when I opened the two bottles of Halo Kiwi and the His Body and Brain Booster the night of July 31, I was not having such a dramatic reaction to the scent as I used to. I guess I just got used to it.)

Going in with these supplements, I had target areas in mind. First, I wanted to see if it could minimize the fine lines of my forehead, which even I was skeptical about because I’m a colossal ball of stress and that means I furrow my brows and crease my forehead constantly. My other target areas were testing to see if it could just reduce the amount of breakouts I experienced in the past and also target and reduce the pigment of the red spots of my cheeks.

About halfway through the month, I wasn’t noticing much of a difference with my skin, except the fact that my skin was not purging like everyone else that has taken it accounted for (yet). However, it was also at this time I took further steps to improve the quality of my skin and also life by purchasing skin care products from my tried and true brand, e.l.f. cosmetics. This review isn’t about e.l.f., however, which I bought three fourths of their Supers Regimen (The SuperClarify Cleanser, the Supermask, and the Supertoner (and that was it because their SuperHydrate moisturizer was out of stock). I figured that by creating more structures in my life, I would have more control over it; start and end my days with a skin care routine, and take my Kiwi every morning.

By adding a skin care routine (which is occasionally hard to maintain, sometimes I wake up and only wash my face rather than use the cleanser and mask, and sometimes I’m too tired at night to use the cleanser, toner, and my own lotion as moisturizer), I actually found a noticeable improvement on my skin. With the Kiwi Seed Booster and the skin care routine, my skin became softer and actually clearer (no, not transparent). Three fourths into July and the red spots on my cheeks have dulled in color (now it looks like I have faded birth marks on my skin), which were one of my target areas for the Kiwi Seed Booster. I feel like my skin is purging just now because I have two pimples on my face, one near my nose and another near my temple, however what I noticed is that before the one near my nose showed up, I had another on my forehead, which dulled quickly, and then the one on my temple showed up, which also dulled relatively quickly. Is it noticeable? Yes. But is it bright red? Not anymore. That was the fastest a blemish of that type (because those usually like to make me suffer and last a long time) dulled so quickly. I was amazed, and I feel like it’s due in part to the Kiwi Seed Booster.

Did I get the ideal results for me? No (not by the end of this month, anyway). Did I get most of it though? I feel that I did. On July 22, I ordered a second shipment because I feel over more time with these supplements, I will see those results. So long story short, these supplements do work. In this second shipment, I ordered another bottle of the Kiwi Seed Booster along with my first bottle of their new His Body and Brain Booster, which is said to enhance brain function and also promote the production of this thing to improve eye health (I forgot what those were called, but I will know them by the time I review those supplements).

My next target with the seed booster is to further decrease the redness of my cheeks, decrease the visibility of my pores, work on any fine lines on my face, and clear up my skin more. With the Body and Brain Booster (which don’t worry to all my female-identifying readers out there, Halo came out with a Hers version of the supplements with a distinctive, different ingredient not found in the His version), I want to see what it can do with my brain activity (even though I am no neurologist), as well as if I can maybe finally have the 20/20 vision only one member of my family has, or just prevent my eyes from deteriorating in this digital age. So far, that’s all I can think of for this specific booster to target.

All in all, thank you to Tati and her team at Halo for giving such attentive care to creating quality products, and for being so warm and welcoming on the customer service end. I’m keeping that first empty bottle of the Seed Booster for sentimental reasons, but also as a reminder of where I started my own path to care for my skin (and soon body and perhaps brain?) The Halo Beauty Kiwi Seed Booster has my blossom of approval.

Check out Halo Beauty to get the full information on all of their supplements here.

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