Why we need to redefine politics and the “American Dream”: An open letter

Presidential Candidate for 2020, Ryan A. Farber (D). Source: Ryan Farber’s Campaign Video

Dear the United States of America,

You’ve screwed up. We all screwed up. No matter where we fall on the political spectrum, we are all human. We are more similar than we are different. However, politics and our tendency to pursue our greed has corrupted the message we try to send out about this country. We’ve spent so much time trying to dim everyone’s lights and closing our minds and ears off to each other, that the truth is almost impossible to find nowadays. We can’t trust where we get our news, because major media outlets support opposite ends of the political spectrum, which influences the “information” they release. We only trust what we agree with, and we let something like politics shape our morals and our humanity. The United States of America is so divided, and that is on all of us. We’ve let a businessman and his hand picked group who only inspire fear and anger sit in positions of power. However, not to be cliche, there is hope. There always is.

Meet 2020 Presidential Candidate Ryan A. Farber. His campaign sort of rides on him being the least rich, the least famous, and the youngest candidate to have run thus far (at least I am led to believe, he danced around the question of his age, but clearly, he is quite young). His campaign is all but defined by a more so original phrase, #AmericaConnected. If he becomes the President of the United States, he has a list of issues he would like to work on, although he has emphasized on four, as he believes them to be the biggest problems.
In his words, he would like to work on ” 1) Antitrust enforcement – every industry is dominated by either one or a very small handful of players.  We need to decentralize their economic, political and cultural power and put it back into the hands of local people who promote real democracy. 2) Reduce Income Inequality – Poverty is the biggest drain on efficiency.  The fact that poverty even exists at all is part of the problem, [and] we constantly have to use resources to address the systemic outcomes of our inefficient capitalistic system.  If you reduce poverty you increase public health.  An example of this would be to write off all student loan debt, break up the big agricultural companies who sell us overly processed and unhealthy foods, provide free college and vocational programs, etc.”
He moves on with ” 3) Medicare For All – Healthcare is a right of all people, access and care should never be based on how rich you are,” and “4) Climate Change – The greatest issue of our time.  It is real and it’s happening faster than we have imagined.  We will propose a global project, something that mirrors the old Manhattan Project during World War 2.  We will figure out which renewable or alternative energies work best around the world and begin a global infrastructure plan. We have the technology, it’s just about getting to work.” He has an agenda, but many of you may ask who he is beyond this. I hope to answer that question.
Being the first millennial candidate, he has a young and fresh mind. With that in mind (a possible pun intended), it also means beneath that, like most of us out there, he has a big heart. And with that big heart, it motivated him to try what he can to see and inspire a change in this world, starting with a focus on us, this country.
Farber grew up in Bellevue, Washington, just outside of Seattle. He came from the upper middle class, and unlike what may seem common nowadays, his parents are still together. He stated to have feigned rebellion upon graduating high school and decided attend the University of Richmond in Virginia, obtaining a degree in “Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance,” and “also Minored in Religion,” with religion an area he is quite fascinated with. He now resides in Los Angeles, California, with his wife Mrs. Jessie Farber and a rescue puppy, named Banyan Farber, constantly working on his campaign and getting himself out there.
Now, what can an upper middle class man with what seems a very stable family know about us, the average Joe, or us, the broken, the damaged, the survivors?

To engage in conversation is one of the best ways to learn. Source: Ryan Farber’s Campaign Video

For Farber, one of his primary motivators to just go through the day is music. He even quotes German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “‘Without music, life would be a mistake.'” This leads to his recent release of who he would want on his administration, where he stated that among the seats available, he would like to create a new cabinet position known as “Secretary of the Arts” and he would like Lin-Manuel Miranda to fill the spot. Not one politician or president up until this point have I seen truly care about the arts. Farber knows the significance and impact the arts can have on society, and he wants to make sure everyone else knows it too.
He got the opportunity to travel, see, and experience. He went beyond the books and read the world (when he could). All that he was able to see and experience so far in his life played a role in developing his view on the world and the country.
He and I share this perspective of how many (including myself) view politics in a negative light. However, he believes he can help shine a more truthful and positive light on politics, and instill, if not restore, the people’s faith in it.
He says that ” People have a negative opinion of politicians because they don’t work on their behalf, they only work based on what wealthy donors are asking…In a system that tells you everything is for sale where profit can be made, why would politics be any different?  We have to reorient ourselves to say, ‘OK, I see money and markets are a corrupting influence, how can we address it.'”
I believe that, besides having his opinion about what the roots of this country’s problems could be, he also has a credible background and substantial knowledge on supporting his stance. One thing I will point out though, is that the thing about politics that upsets me more than anything, is not just that politicians only end up helping the wealthy because they benefit from the rich, but that they tend to never answer honestly. They dance around questions and their answers to questions always tend to be so long that even the greatest attention span zones out. By the time they finished their answer, everyone thinks they have answered the question or just wants to move on when they never really answered the question explicitly. Their answers always tend to be vague.

Face shot of Ryan Farber. Source: Ryan A. Farber’s Campaign Video

While Farber may have not answered my question about his age (let us be honest for a second; that is traditionally a rude and strange question to ask), he is a man who always had a passion for humor (hence dancing around the age question), but through observing his social media and through this interview, he also proves to be very open and honest. He believes that he is ” no more worthy [to run for President] than any individual out there who wants to make our country a better place,” and that “some of us are better than others. Some are heavily bought or influenced by big corporate money. Some only see issues but fail to see the systemic root cause of them.” 
He states that he “speaks on behalf of everyday people on the best way to improve public health and promote a sustainable future in which fear, scarcity and self interest are minimized in favor of abundance and well-being” and says that we “need a massive realignment in power, taking it from the few corporations and wealthy individuals, and putting it back into local hands of all people in all states.  He claims he sees “the systemic issue, and it’s market-based capitalism.”
Honestly if shows were real, I would say he could be the love child of CW’s version of Barry Allen from The Flash and Cat Grant from Supergirl because he’s quite charismatic and humorous, but at the same time obviously witty, at times sarcastic, down to earth and just honest. He says what’s on his mind, unfiltered, but also shows his truly kind heart. If he was any more than he says he is, he wouldn’t have agreed to let me interview him and I wouldn’t have developed this. And yes, any media coverage is coverage for him that can benefit him in the future. However, freelance, college student-level bloggers like me rarely get the chance to catch the attention of a future Presidential candidate, because one would assume they would only want to get the attention of major media outlets.
Hey United States, this is the man that can finally help unite and “heal [this] divided land” (Once Upon A Time, Merida). He knows that above all, this country needs (to believe in) hope, because hope is stronger than fear, and fear only causes us to divide and turn against one another. To be united through hope and love is much more powerful and infinitely beneficial than to be bound together under fear and hatred.
Ryan A. Farber truly is a man of the people, because he put himself out there to understand others and makes sure that no one feels alone, clearly with his campaign slogan “America connected,” or should I say #AmericaConnected. It’s built into our Pledge to the flag we had to recite every day as kids: “One nation.” We were meant to be united, hence the United States of America. Beyond that, he’s ready to do something about the conflicts that is tearing this nation apart. He’s connected with me, and I hope you can connect with him and others too. He should be a Supergirl fan, because he knows that we are all “Stronger Together.”
Sincere love from one citizen of America,

Simon Heywood.

P.S. To find out more about him, check him out on social media:




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