Honestly, We Can Be Free

Cover art for Honestly by Gabbie Hanna

By Simon Heywood

A social media influencer who released two singles in the later half of 2017 and her own book of poetry and advice, has now broke the internet. At least to her 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube, her 3.9 million followers on Instagram, and her 2.6 million followers on Twitter… she has each and every one of her supporters starstruck because of her new singles, Honestly and Honestly (Encore). Yes, I am talking about social media influencer, author, and artist Gabbie Hanna, or some still may know her as, The Gabbie Show.
Gabbie Hanna has always been one to show a bit more vulnerability on the internet than her fellow influencers. Even when she was back on the now defunct platform of Vine, she really hit the emotions of young teens with her comedic six-second video sketches that represented “that Tumblr teen.” When she moved to YouTube in 2014, she became known for making Story Time videos, where she would tell stories on camera of her craziest experiences. Through her channel, the audience got to know a bit more about her, story by story.
Now flash forward just three years and seven months, she’s already made her first single, is in the process of writing her first book, and also in the process of making her second single. Her first single Out Loud hit number 1 on iTunes in just a little over twenty-four hours, and really started to unravel the strength that comes with being vulnerable. Her first book Adultolescence, did the same thing. Both works of art showed a more vulnerable side of Gabbie. And above all, people all over, including myself, felt a genuine connection to her works, especially her songs Out Loud and Satellite. Out Loud is a song about loss, and with a general theme, a lot of people could relate to it because everyone has dealt with loss no matter how it was. Her song Satellite was dealing with loneliness and anxiety and how one can lead to another and vice versa (that was my interpretation at least).
And now to the main course, so to speak. Hanna stated that Honestly and Honestly (Encore) was about the unfortunate situation of being manipulated, lied to, cheated on, etc. These are songs that hit so close to home for me, and here’s why. I’ve been manipulated and lied to a lot in the past. I’ve had so many issues where a lot of people left my life, and all of those situations led to abandonment issues. Because of my abandonment issues, I myself regrettably became a manipulator, a liar, and just a dark person. However, that didn’t last long, because regret always hits me like three trucks. Being a manipulator and losing my people to my actions made me the victim of my own actions and my own self. But because I was that darkness for some time, I became familiar with the behavior and patterns of a manipulator and a liar, that I could spot when someone I was close to was a victim of such. However because regret is such a “wonderful” thing, because I was still trying to figure myself out, I was often subject to being manipulated and I would feel it in my gut but I wouldn’t listen to my instincts. And because I found myself in deep circumstances I found myself always apologizing because I took out my uncharted rage on those that I love, causing more abandonment.
I connect with this song so much because it transforms everything I’ve ever felt and all the darkness that was ever present inside me into a beautiful piece of art. It was like I finally was able to take all of that manipulative, dark, past self, and set it on fire. This song gives a unique sense of empowerment while getting to the core and calling out all of the bull***t behavior of a manipulator, and saying essentially “No. Not anymore. No strings on me anymore. Kiss me goodbye because now I’m free from your control.”
I can’t stop listening to these songs, and I even made my own Spotify playlist just to have all of Hanna’s singles on repeat.
What’s more, about eighteen hours since their release at midnight on the east coast, Honestly and Honestly (encore) have earned the number 1 and number 2 spots respectively on iTunes pop charts.
Honestly and Honestly(Encore) are out now on iTunes and Spotify.

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